A totally stable psyker hailing from a peaceful and pretty space hulk.


Weapon Skill: 25
Ballistic Skill: 30
Strength: 20
Toughness: 30
Agility: 35
Intelligence: 38
Perception: 30
Will Power: 50
Fellowship: 30

Insanity Points: 3
Corruption Points: 3

Half Move: 3 Full Move: 6 Charge: 9 Run: 18

Wounds: 11
Wounds Current: 11

Fate Points: 3
Fate Points Current: 3

Basic Skills
Awareness (Per)
Barter (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Charm (Fel)
Climb (S)
Concealment (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag)
Navigation (Stellar) (Int)
Pilot (Spacecraft) (Ag)

Advanced Skills
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Speak Language (Ship Dialect) (Int)
Psyniscience (Per)
Invocation (WP)
Trade (Merchant) (Int)
Literacy (Int)

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
Psy Rating 1
Quick Draw

Minor Psychic Powers
Wall Walk

Advances taken: Willpower Simple, Meditation, Minor Psychic Power, Quick Draw.

Equipment: Tatty Robe (Poor Quality Clothing), deck of cards, Psy-Focus, Sanctioning brand, Micro-Bead.

Compact Las Pistol (Rng 15m, RoF S/-/-, Dmg 1D10+1 E, Pen 0, Clip 15, Rld Full, Spec. Reliable, Wt 0.75kg)
Sword (Rng -, Dmg 1D10 R, Pen 0, Spec. Balanced Primitive, Wt 3kg)
Staff (Rng -, Dmg 1D10 I, Pen 0, Spec. Balanced Primitive, Wt 3kg)
Psykana Mercy Blade (Knife) (Rng 3 if thrown, dam 1D5 R, Pen 0, Spec. Primitive, Wt 0.5kg)

Quilted Vest (Covers Body, AP 2, Wt 2kg)

Throne Gelts: 30


Homeworld: Void Born (Space Hulk)
Career (Rank): Imperial Psyker (Sanctionite)
Divination: “Truth is subjective”
Quirk: Elegant Hands
Sanctioning Side Effect: Unlovely Memories. (3 insanity points)

Gender: Female
Build: Skeletal
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Skin Colour: Porcelain
Hair Colour: Bright green
Eye Colour: Watery blue
Age: 24


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